You Bring To Come Across This Farmer Breeder. He Has Developed To A Greater Extent Than Than 100 Improved Crop Varieties.

Prakash Singh Raghuvanshi is an amazing farmer-breeder. For fourteen years, he has been developing novel crop varieties. He has developed to a greater extent than than 100 improved varieties of rice, wheat, pulses, as well as some vegetables as well as fruits, which receive got been distributed freely to thousands of farmers inward the entire northwestern belt of India. Many of his varieties are dominating the farmers fields, as well as of course some of his improved varieties receive got been taken by unscrupulous officials inward mortal companies, renamed as well as marketed.

Based inward Varanasi inward Uttar Pradesh, Prakash Singh, a small-scale farmers cultivating paddy, wheat as well as dove pea in roughly iii as well as a one-half acres that he owns, remains unfazed. “I am determined to move towards making farmers self-reliant inward seed. If the farmers tin command his ain seed production as well as does non receive got to depend upon the seed companies, farming volition remain profitable”, he told me. He is keeping the germplasm amongst him, as well as is looking for back upwards from religious bodies as well as NGOs to enable him to strengthen his question inward flora breeding.

As a flora breeder myself, I experience Prakash Singh’s achievement has no parallels. He lonely has achieved to a greater extent than than what several agricultural universities inward Republic of Republic of India tin claim to receive got done. I called him upwards later having read a word study nearly him inward The Hindu. The report, entitled: Sowing the seeds of success yesteryear excogitation is available at:

I am e’er overwhelmed yesteryear the ingenuity as well as dedication of such farmers. I don’t know of whatsoever agricultural scientist inward Republic of Republic of India or for that affair worldwide who tin claim to receive got evolved 100 crop varities. I intend this must survive a earth record, something that the Guinness Book of World Record must receive got notice. Any scientist who could replicate the move as well as achievement of Prakash Singh Raghuvanshi would receive got been honoured with Padma Vibhushan yesteryear now, as well as I am certain would receive got been nominated to numerous international awards including honorary membership of inert scientific societies that proliferate.

Prakash Singh feels thence humbled yesteryear the recognition that was late bestowed on him by President Pratibha Patil courtesy the National Innovation Foundation. He has before been facilited yesteryear the old President Abdul Kalam. This form of recognition is simply acknowledging the amazing feat achieved yesteryear Prakash Singh. The state must evolve a organization of honouring such innovators inward a to a greater extent than practical as well as honest way.

The to the lowest degree that the Department of Agricultural Research as well as Education (DARE) inward the Ministry of Agriculture tin do, as well as should survive made to do, is to bestow National Professorship on Prakash Singh, which volition render him a life-long grant as well as secretarial support for research. I tin enjoin yous he would practise to a greater extent than abide by to the system of National Professor than most of the retired officials who receive got been for all practical purposes given this honour simply because of the senior positions they held at the fourth dimension of retirement. No wonder, the National Professors receive got non produced anything pregnant thence far.

Prakash Singh besides challenges the usually held persuasion that farmers are non breeders. At the same time, he has shown that when the authorities tries to force for laws that ensure availability of improved seed for farmers, it begins on a incorrect pes since the entire endeavour is to receive got away farmers seed from the marketplace as well as supersede it amongst the seed produced yesteryear seed companies. In fact, most of the fourth dimension the seeds that fails to germinate or has been constitute to survive contaminated genuinely belongs to the seed companies. But somehow the seed companies receive got been able to convince the policy makers every bit if the mistake rests amongst the farmers seeds. This impression has to survive corrected.

I am besides a trivial surprised that no NGO (and I know a disclose of NGOs who work in the expanse of traditional seeds) ever idea of supporting the move of Prakash Singh Raghuvanshi. Well, the earth is non that small-scale every bit nosotros are told. We all the same receive got a lot of scrutiny to practise unopen to us, as well as connect amongst people inward our ain neighbourhood. This tin exclusively move on when NGOs shift the focus of their work from international networking to local realities.

Anyway, yous tin contact Mr. Prakash Singh Raghuvanshi, Vill Tadia, P.O., Jakikhani, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh- 2213058, mobiles: 9956941993, 9839253974 as well as 9451277640.