Want Press Coverage? Hand Me Around Money

As nosotros aspect eagerly for the results of the 2009 election marathon, it is fourth dimension to reverberate on the exercise the media played. More so, considering that for the side yesteryear side few days you lot would travel glued to your TV laid together with would travel desperately scanning through the daily newspapers to function out the political  arithmatic. Wait, intermission and think. How reliable is the media’s accept on the political scenario? Has the media likewise gone the political way, I hateful every bit far every bit corruption is concerned? Are you lot getting tainted together with biased analysis?

Well, every bit you lot know the media of today deals in big money. You already know why the media prefers to ignore the existent issues confronting the society. You must travel thinking why doesn’t the media e’er utter of hunger, starvation together with malnutrition, for instance, that is together with therefore rampant inwards our society. You are told that celebrities together with the phoney discussions is all that the people desire to sentiment or read. Some TV channels receive got particular programmes on how the CEOs pass their day, many convey you lot programme on cars together with automobiles, together with of flat you lot receive got programme on cooking together with dining, life together with lifestyles, together with notwithstanding worse the friday launch of novel films becomes breaking intelligence on some channels.

Well, it is all because of big money. And how much of big coin nosotros are talking about. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 recent forecast yesteryear a leading media service firm, ZenithOptimedia, provides you lot amongst the promotion spending over the side yesteryear side 3 years. Hold your breath. It says that 2009 volition run across a slight increase of vi per cent inwards the advertizement revenue of the Indian media — increasing from Rs 22,757 crore inwards 2008 to Rs 25,004 crore inwards 2009.

Share of Ad revenue yesteryear TV channels volition increase yesteryear 8.6 per cent over 2008, together with inwards 2009 TV channels volition rake inwards Rs 9,301 crore. Obviously, the TV channels volition utter of what brings them to a greater extent than advertizement revenue. And what brings inwards to a greater extent than advertizement revenue are the commercial interests. Rest everything is a downmarket dependent champaign for them.

The race for making to a greater extent than coin instantly goes beyond advertizement revenues. Newspapers together with TV channels are instantly selling space. You don’t know together with it is really hard to discovery out what is intelligence together with what is an advertisement. But notwithstanding worse, together with shocking indeed, are the reports that state that fifty-fifty election coverage was sold. Some newspapers had set upwards charge per unit of measurement cards for the prospective candidates to travel seen inwards the newspapers

I am pasting below a newsreport from the pages of The Wall Street Journal.

Want Press Coverage? Give Me Some Money

The Wall Street Journal

Ajay Goyal is a serious, independent candidate contesting for a Lok Sabha topographic point inwards Chandigarh.

Never heard of him? Neither, probably, receive got a lot of people inwards Chandigarh because when it came to getting press coverage for his motility he was faced amongst a unproblematic message: If you lot desire press, you lot receive got to pay.

So far, he says, he’s been approached yesteryear close 10 people – some brokers together with world relations managers acting on behalf of paper owners, some reporters together with editors – amongst the message that he’ll alone larn written close inwards the intelligence pages for a fee. We’re non talking advertising; we’re talking news.

One broker offered 3 weeks of coverage inwards 4 newspapers for 10 lakh rupees ($20,000). Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 reporter together with a lensman from a Chandigarh paper told him that for 1.5 lakh rupees ($3,000) for them together with a farther 3 lakh rupees ($6,000) for other reporters, they could guarantee coverage inwards upwards to v newspapers for 2 weeks.

“We would produce skillful coverage for you,” he says they told him. All of those who approached him either were from national Hindi linguistic communication papers or regional papers, Mr. Goyal says.

“You desire a front end page photograph for free? This is something people pay for.”

In 1 case, he went along to run across what would happen: a press release he submitted amount of falsehoods – claiming he had campaigned inwards places he had never been, for illustration – ran verbatim. One matter he has never seen on his existent campaign: a reporter at that topographic point to encompass the story.

“It’s disappointing,” Mr. Goyal says. “What skillful is literacy together with didactics if people receive got no access to existent news, investigation, skepticism or a questioning reporter.”

At the nexus of corruption inwards India, the nation’s newspapers commonly play either vigilante cop exposing wrongdoing inwards Blue Planet involvement (on a skillful day, at a few publications) or spineless patsy killing stories on the orders of powerful advertisers. Many papers likewise engage inwards practices that cross the ethical work betwixt advertising together with editorial inwards a agency that is opaque, if non downright obscure, to readers.

To read the amount story, click http://online.wsj.com/article/SB124158152250690795.html