To Bt Or Non To Bt

For quite sometime Biocon primary Kiran Mazumdar Shaw has been commenting on the demand to direct maintain GM crops. While nosotros appreciate what she has done inward her biotech business, precisely I intend it is e’er advisable to top away along yourself confined to your areas of specialisation. Treading into areas (read agriculture) close which you lot know niggling tin post away hold out dangerous, together with this is what she oft does.

I was asked to response to to a greater extent than or less of her remarks. Here is a brief intelligence written report that incorporates my response. Titled To hold out or non to Bt, the written report appeared inward the Bangalore edition of the New Indian Express.

To Bt or non to Bt

Imran Khan/Jayadevan PK

BANGALORE, Jan 20: There is a imitation propaganda against Bt Brinjal, said Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, CMD, Biocon on Tuesday.

However, she was quick to hold out countered past times nutrient policy skillful Devinder Sharma, who said Mazumdar was solely interested inward ‘making money’ together with so does non heed ‘lying’.

Speaking for Bt brinjal together with the role of biotechnology inward agriculture at a drape raiser resultant for Bangalore Bio 2010, Shaw said, “There is a danger of imitation propaganda against Bt, specially at a fourth dimension when it is going commercial”.

She said, “We demand to tackle this on a scientific basis. Bt is a real rubber scientific discipline together with nosotros are all real responsible stakeholders.

Agri-biotech tin post away evidence real helpful for the country.” The scientists together with policy analysts, though, are divided on the issue.

In an online conversation amongst the Express, Sharma said, “Bt is a hazardous technology, together with volition toxicant successive generations.

People direct maintain rejected the engineering together with i should observe the sentiments of the people.” He terming the environmental clearance accorded past times the Genetic Engineering Approval Committee (GEAC) to Bt Brinjal every bit biggest “scientific fraud” inward the country. The report, he alleged, “blatantly ignored unsafe affect of Bt brinjal on the organs of rats together with other animals”.

He said, “There is a potent conflict of involvement amongst several members of the commission beingness responsible for or associated amongst the evolution of Bt brinjal.” “It has been established that compared to Bt bio-pesticide sprays, the concentration of Bt toxin inward Bt brinjal is one thousand times more,” he added.

“There direct maintain been beast deaths afterward they grazed on Bt cotton wool leaves inward Andhra Pradesh together with Haryana. Bt is supposed to kill sucking pests similar pinkish bollworm inward cotton wool together with thereby cut down pesticides consumption.

This, however, does non concord truthful for long.” Citing the illustration of China, Sharma said farmers growing Bt cotton wool are forthwith reported to hold out spraying 8 per cent to a greater extent than pesticides together with incurring losses. This written report is based on a study conducted past times the Cornell University, he added.

Responding to the pro-GM declaration that Bt inward agriculture volition ensure nutrient security, Sharma said: “There is no shortage of nutrient inward the world. We direct maintain 6.5 billion people on public together with nosotros create nutrient for 11.5 billion people.

If to a greater extent than than i billion people are going to bed hungry, it is because of the faulty distribution procedure rather than the unavailability of food.”

State horticulture dept says no Bt brinjal

A senior official of the horticulture division said, “The division has submitted a written report inward this visit to the province government. But overall, our put is ’No to Bt brinjal’.’’ President of Karnataka Rajya Raitha Sangha, Kodihalli Chandrashekar, said, “For the past times xv years, nosotros direct maintain been fighting against genetic applied scientific discipline technology. When Bt cotton wool was introduced, nosotros fifty-fifty burnt the lawsuit fields of Cargill together with Monsanto. Bt brinjal is harmful non solely to the environs precisely likewise for human beings. Hence, when Jairam Ramesh volition hold out inward town on Jan 25, nosotros volition concord protestation inward large numbers.”