The Nutrient Meme Strikes Again…

For those of yous who don’t know, a meme is an stance that tin replicate in addition to evolve. On the mesh in addition to inwards the blogging basis they go on all the time. This 1 originated at a broad ceramic peeler in addition to Microplane graters. The biggest allow downwards has been a ceramic knife, also many restrictions on how to role it.

Name some funny or weird nutrient combinations/dishes yous actually similar – in addition to in all likelihood no 1 else!
I dunno I 1 time made a pizza topped alongside asparagus, clams in addition to garlic. But you’d last surprised, it was pretty good.

What are the 3 eatables or dishes yous merely don’t desire to alive without?
Pasta, pasta in addition to pasta.

Any query yous missed inwards this meme, that yous would select loved to answer? Well then, experience costless to add together one!

Your favorite ice-cream…
I alive unopen to the corner from the master Swenson’s Ice Cream store in addition to their toasted almond is actually good.

You volition in all likelihood never eat…
Tripe. I tried it once. It was icky.

Your ain signature dish…
Too many really. Probably risotto. I arrive tons of ways in addition to it ever satisfies.

A mutual gene yous exactly can’t convey yourself to stomach…
Baked ham. It’s exactly also salty.

Which 1 culture’s nutrient would yous close similar to sample on its domicile turf?
I’ve travelled to hence many places already! I would similar to become to Morocco. I’ve eaten Italian nutrient all over Italy but would similar to pass some to a greater extent than fourth dimension eating inwards in addition to unopen to Parma in addition to Ferrara.

The 3 people I am tagging are: Obsession alongside Food, Seattle Bon Vivant in addition to Food Migration