Stem The Rot Inward Agricultural Query — Salve The Vice Chancellor

The rot had fix inwards quite sometime back. It is instantly like the in conclusion phase of a cancerous growth. What was in i lawsuit viewed equally an establishment inwards itself — much higher upward the flora that he/she would survive heading — and I am talking of the prestigious set of a Vice-Chancellor, is inwards an advanced phase of decay.

If at that topographic point is i educational establishment that needs to survive urgently resurrected, it is the component of the Vice-Chancellor. The futurity of Indian instruction is direct linked to the survival of the VC equally an institution.

You stimulate got likely followed the contention surrounding the appointment of VCs of x Central Universities simply prior to the full general elections. The urgency amongst which the hence HRD Minister Arjun Singh made the appointments certainly was plenty to heighten eyebrows. In whatever case, full general universities are faced amongst a terrible crisis inwards educational integrity given the vogue the VCs are beingness appointed. Private universities are much worse. The tiptop slot oftentimes goes to people whose alone qualification is proximity as well as loyalty to the promoter of the university.

In Madhya Pradesh, the selection commission for a Vice Chancellor also includes a builder from Indore. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 erstwhile government minister is also inwards the race for becoming a Vice Chancellor. Another is trying to force the shout of his married adult woman for the coveted ship service of Vice Chancellor.

I am to a greater extent than worried most the fate of agricultural universities. The futurity of agricultural scientific discipline as well as question primarily depends upon the form of leadership that is demonstrated past times the VCs. It non alone determines the usefulness as well as utility of the form of question beingness conducted, but also inwards a vogue is responsible for the country’s nutrient safety as well as the livelihood safety of its 600 meg farmers.

The appointment of a Vice-Chancellor of an agricultural academy was for quite unopen to fourth dimension viewed equally a political exercise. For a expose of years instantly I stimulate got seen a expose of VCs whose alone qualification for the coveted undertaking was his/her proximity to the powers that be. There may survive unopen to exceptions, but past times as well as large the entire procedure of nomination as well as selection of a VC has over the years been reduced to a scientific farce.

Take the illustration of Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU) inwards Coimbatore. As a immature pupil of agriculture, I shout back the prestige attached to this premier institution. TNAU was i of the most respected of the agricultural universities. Like most of the educational institutions inwards the country, question as well as educational standards inwards TNAU besides stimulate got fallen. But I didn’t hold off that it would stoop to such a depression marking that the PS of an Agriculture Minister would survive able to get himself almost appointed equally the VC. It was alone after an uproar from the TNAU faculty that the movement was reportedly shelved.

TNAU is no exception. Most of the agricultural universities get the VCs they don’t deserve.

Gone are the days when students as well as faculty would stimulate got honor for the VC. I shout back several years dorsum when Dr D R Bhumbla all of a abrupt resigned equally VC of the Haryana Agricultural University inwards Hisar, the students had gone on a strike. This was something unusual. As a journalist roofing agriculture, believe me I had never heard of the students wanting the VC non to go. In fact, I tin cite several instances when the students had gone on bang demanding the removal of a VC. I nonetheless shout back vividly my column inwards Indian Express, wherein I had analysed this unique development, for sure something to survive appreciated as well as applauded.

The distinguished administrator, the belatedly Dr chiliad southward Randhawa, who himself had served equally the VC of Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana, told me an interesting story. One 24-hour interval he received a telephone band from the governor of Himachal Pradesh seeking his advise for the selection of a VC for the Y southward Parmar University of Horticultural Sciences as well as Forestry at Solan. The governor mentioned 3 names, as well as Dr Randhawa picked upward who he idea was to a greater extent than suited for the job. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 few days later, he was surprised to read inwards the newspapers that mortal else had been appointed.

If yous are wondering how are the VCs selected, permit me explain. At the appear upward of it, the selection process appears to be based on merit. The Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) shortlists by as well as large a panel of 3 names. These names are hence forwarded to the State Governor (where the agricultural academy is situated), who past times virtue of beingness the Chancellor of the university, is called upon to brand the in conclusion selection. In reality ofcourse it is the Chief Minister of the State who has the in conclusion word. To tell yous the truth, the Chief Minister’s alternative is conveyed to the ICAR much inwards advance, which takes tending to short-list the candidate.

Merit as well as professional competence have for quite sometime been thrown out of the window. But what worries me is that the in i lawsuit coveted set instantly comes amongst a price tag. Political proximity is non the alone criteria, how much yous tin pay is also what determines the in conclusion selection. Like at the fourth dimension of elections, agribusiness companies are moving inwards fast to entrance hall for item candidates. No wonder, the research agenda as well as priorities is hence suitably modified to arrange the company’s commercial interests.

This may non survive truthful of every appointment, but the grapevine tells us that many a VCs stimulate got carried a coin bag. I certainly create non intend to denigrate the component of the VC, but keeping the incorrect doings nether a wrap is also non going to survive helpful. I am non sure who volition stalk this rot, but yous will definitely care that at that topographic point is a dire demand to salve the dying institution.

The sooner it is done, the meliorate it volition survive for the futurity of this country. Is Rahul Gandhi listening?