Romantic Ideas

This twelvemonth Lee together with I are going out for a romantic Valentine’s 24-hour interval dinner. But simply because it’s also belatedly to brand a reservation somewhere doesn’t hateful you lot can’t celebrate the vacation inward style. Here are my elevation v ideas:

1. Make your repast all RED
Here are recipes for a twist on the Valentine’s 24-hour interval theme.

2. If you lot lead keep kids, operate midpoint shaped cookie cutters to postage stamp out midpoint shaped toast, pancakes, sandwiches, etc.

3. If you lot are dining simply the 2 of you, intend close creating a carte made for sharing. Sharing is romantic together with you lot tin fifty-fifty feed each other. Any type of appetizers would endure good–an antipasto tray, sushi or a mutual frigidity seafood platter are all expert options. You tin locomote inward or pick it upwardly on the means abode from work.

4. Go for aphrodisiacs. No proof of course, but the mere proffer that they own “powers” may endure enough.
Here’s a listing to lead keep shopping:

Whipped Cream

5. Did mortal nurture chocolate? Check out XOX Truffles. If you lot can’t locomote inward to the XOX Truffle store inward North Beach, you lot tin honour other locations where they are sold or lead keep them shipped to you lot inward a hurry. Chosen every 2nd ane of the elevation x artisan chocolates inward the US past times Chocolatier magazine, XOX truffles are delicious together with perfect for sharing alongside a loved ane or indulging inward all past times yourself. My favorites are the Cognac, Earl Grey together with Dark Chocolate varieties.