Potato Zucchini Pancakes Recipe

Zucchini is a lovely light-green color. It is depression inwards calories. It is relatively cheap as well as easy, possibly likewise easy, to grow. Large ones are skilful for stuffing. Their flowers are beautiful as well as fragile as well as also skilful for stuffing. That is the marrow of overnice things I tin tell well-nigh zucchini. Apologies to Clotilde at Chocolate & Zucchini, simply I don’t much assist for zucchini.

Zucchini has hardly whatsoever nutritional value inwards business office because it is over 95% water. The texture is like shooting fish in a barrel as well as flavour is bland. Summer squelch inwards full general is watery simply this tin survive an property when cooking something that needs extra moisture, similar a cake. Shredding zucchini also gives yous pretty flecks of color. You tin exercise it inwards both sweetness as well as savory recipes to add together color as well as moisture. My favorite ways to swallow zucchini are inwards a sweetness zucchini breadstuff or added to white patato pancakes. It softens upward the texture as well as makes them colorful. Which is well-nigh all yous tin inquire from zucchini.

My recipe for Potato Zucchini Pancakes is odd inwards that it uses a piddling cornmeal as well as some light-green onions. It is groovy for breakfast, tiffin or equally a side dish for dinner. Despite my negative mental attitude well-nigh zucchini, these actually are delicious!

Potato Zucchini Pancakes
Makes 9-10 pancakes or 2-3 servings


ii medium russet potatoes, finely shredded (about ii cups)
ii medium zucchini shredded (about ii cups)
1 1/2 teaspoon salt
1 large egg
ii light-green onions, sliced
ii Tablespoons all-purpose flour
ii Tablespoons cornmeal
crude oil for frying
Plain yogurt or sour cream


Place the grated zucchini as well as white patato inwards a colander medium bowl, toss amongst salt. Let stand upward 10 minutes. Squeeze as well as press firmly to withdraw all possible liquid. Transfer to a mixing bowl, stir inwards the egg, scallions, cornmeal as well as flour.
In large skillet, rut plenty vegetable crude oil to comprehend the bottom of the pan. Heat as well as thus drib the white patato mixture, forming pancakes 1/4 loving cup at a time, as well as well-nigh iii inches across, flatten amongst a spatula; develop until lightly browned, well-nigh iii minutes per side, turning halfway as well as adding to a greater extent than crude oil if necessary. Repeat amongst the remaining mixture. Drain on newspaper towels as well as operate along on a rack over a cookie canvass inwards a 200 marker oven until develop to serve. Dollop each pancake amongst manifestly yogurt or sour cream.