Medicine Eatstation: Eating Theater Review Closed

Medicine. Does that audio similar a restaurant? I didn’t think so. But thus I had a peril to swallow at that spot in addition to sense what “new-Shojin” vogue eating is all about. It’s a cuisine grounded inwards Zen Buddhism. The nutrient is vegan in addition to excludes fifty-fifty onions in addition to garlic. Why? Because this is nutrient to back upward spiritual enlightenment. It is non meant to excite the palate or induce the senses. If you lot tin convey that every bit the premise behind the cuisine, you lot direct keep a amend peril of appreciating it every bit I did when I got a peril to endeavour it at an effect a calendar week ago. I shared a repast amongst Joy thus banking corporation tally out her review over at Confessions of a Restaurant Whore. Incidentally she seems to retrieve the repast inwards much amend item than I do.

The cry of the eating theatre is genuinely Medicine Eatstation. It is located inwards the midst of the downtown fiscal district, an oasis of calm for the harried. Located upward on the 2nd flooring of the Crocker Galleria, it has a slightly ethereal quality. It is simple, modern even thus chic at the same time. The principal dining room consists of communal tables laid inwards rows amongst large motion painting windows overlooking the street in addition to a plasma covert amongst a pastoral scene from Nippon undulating earlier you.

So what close the food? Well, I can’t nation I loved all of it. But some dishes were terrific. One of the specialties of this cuisine is Sesame Tofu. I dearest the nutty flavour of sesame seeds in addition to this has a mellowness in addition to soft texture that was comforting in addition to delicious. The Mountain Monk Salad was outstanding, it had nuts in addition to exotic greens, tomatoes, grapes in addition to sprouts. I would social club it over again inwards a minute. The nine-grain Soboro a grain dish of amaranth, couscous, spelt, forbidden dark rice, Himalayan carmine rice, wheat berry, quinoa, teff in addition to golden flax seeds amongst ginger tofu in addition to dark-green beans was i of my favorite dishes. It was calorie-free even thus hardy in addition to satisfying.

On the flip side I don’t similar natto, a real rigid flavored Japanese fermented soybean production thus the tempura fried shiso leaves filled amongst the materials left me cold. The miso soup had a real sweetness flavour that tasted incorrect to me. Finally the sushi was only every bit good bland.

In full general the nutrient is light, mild, in addition to soulful, prepared in addition to served amongst a philosophy of “maitri” (pronounced may-tree) which agency loving kindness. Who would bask this type of meal? Anyone who is trying to pay attending to their diet in addition to live on to a greater extent than healthy–physically or spiritually. Someone preparation for a marathon, getting over an disease or ending a fast would appreciate this type of food. Also it’s a nifty house to convey those who are interested inwards Japanese civilization or Zen Buddhism. While the cuisine does non traditionally include 4lc0h0l, the eating theatre has a nifty pick of sake.

Medicine Eatstation CLOSED
161 Sutter St
San Francisco
Mon-Fri dejeuner 11:30 – ii
Teas & Dessert ii – v
Dinner v – 8:30
Sabbatum 11:30 – 4