Mayonnaise Recipe

From the “I-don’t-know-how-I-missed-it” intelligence department:

HOUSTON, Dec. iv — Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 Texas adult woman was sentenced to 10 years inwards jail Th for running over the managing director of a McDonald’s alongside her car because she wanted mayonnaise on her cheeseburger.

First off this was inwards Texas, together with thence normal rules practise non apply. I’m non talking nearly running people over or fifty-fifty eating at McDonald’s, but genuinely putting mayonnaise on a cheeseburger. Let me explicate it this way: burger=juicy together with greasy, melted cheese=greasy, mayonnaise exactly NOT NECESSARY.

Mayonnaise is a genuinely nifty sauce though together with shouldn’t endure relegated to entirely sandwiches. One of the 5 French “mother sauces” along alongside hollandaise it’s an egg together with petroleum emulsification. If you’ve entirely always had shop bought practise yourself a favor together with come inwards from scratch. It makes a nifty sauce for grilled fish or poached chicken, shrimp, together with steamed vegetables similar asparagus together with artichokes. You tin genuinely wearing clothing it upward yesteryear using fresh citrus juices similar lemon or orangish or a whole host of other flavorings similar fresh greenish herbs, wasabi, chile powder, curry, or fresh garlic. While traditionally made alongside a whisk, it’s super like shooting fish in a barrel to brand if yous convey a nutrient processor or blender, peculiarly 1 of those stick blenders.

Here’s how I practise it:



1 loving cup vegetable petroleum (don’t piece of occupation all olive oil, but a piddling is ok)
1 egg, room temperature (very important)
1 1/2 Tablespoon lemon juice or vinegar
1 teaspoon dijon mustard or dry out mustard powder
tabular array salt together with pepper to taste

Optional additions
1-2 T chopped herbs (tarragon, parsley, chervil or a combination are all proficient ones)

1 smashed clove of garlic
1/2 t finely grated orangish rind
1/2 t curry powder
1 T ketchup together with pinch of cayenne pepper


With a “stick” or immersion manus blender:
Put all ingredients into the beaker. Position the handblender at the base of operations of the beaker. Pressing the switch, plough over the handblender inwards this seat until the petroleum emulsifies. Then, without switching the handblender off, like shooting fish in a barrel motion it upward together with downward until the mayonnaise is thoroughly combined.

You tin too brand this inwards a traditional blender but yous bespeak to really like shooting fish in a barrel drizzle the petroleum into the running blender–you must add together it really very like shooting fish in a barrel to instruct it to emulsify.

After making the mayonnaise yous tin add together whatever ONE additions together with blend thoroughly.

By the way, whatever 1 of the flavored versions are divine alongside french fries. Some powerfulness state the french fries are exactly an excuse to consume the mayo…