Lotus Garden Restaurant

On Sat nighttime I joined a bunch of culinary enthusiasts from the Craigslist Food Forum (I’ve latterly learned that approximately notice “foodie” derogatory) for dinner at Lotus Garden. While I stimulate got soundless to view Vietnam, I am ever amazed at how at each Vietnamese eating theater I view at that topographic point is something unique on the carte du jour that I stimulate got non seen elsewhere. Lotus Garden was no exception. While the touchstone items similar majestic rolls as well as Vietnamese crepes were good, what actually struck me were the raw beef salad as well as the eggplant amongst kokosnoot as well as curry sauce.

First off, if you lot haven’t had a Vietnamese crepe, I highly propose you lot club it sometime. This is ane of those dishes that must stimulate got been taken from the French as well as improved upon past times the Vietnamese. The crepe itself is made amongst rice flour so it’s crispy as well as tender at the same time. Rather than filling it afterwards it’s cooked, it’s filled piece cooking so the goodies are business office of the crepe itself. The toppings on the crepe ever include edible bean sprouts as well as onions as well as sometimes chicken or pork as well as shrimp. It is served amongst lettuce leaves, fish sauce, fresh mint as well as cilantro, pickled carrots as well as sliced cucumber. In a twist on the master copy version, the crepe itself is wrapped inwards a lettuce foliage amongst a smattering of all the other condiments to brand a form of sandwich roll.

But on to the other items, the raw beef salad was similar the Italian carpaccio, exclusively dressed amongst lemon juice, fish sauce, fresh mint, onions as well as finely chopped peanuts. The dish was succulent as well as tangy amongst fresh flavors. This is a dish that has that addictive quality, where ane seize amongst teeth is never enough. The other standout was an eggplant dish that fifty-fifty won over approximately avowed eggplant haters at the table. Not a heavy kokosnoot curry only perfectly cooked long chunks of eggplant inwards a lite sparse curry as well as kokosnoot scented sauce sprinkled amongst fresh chopped greenish onions as well as peppers. The eggplant was that wonderful creamy texture that person suggested powerfulness last a combination of steaming as well as so stir frying. Not a hint of bitterness, this is what eggplant wants to last when it grows up. Another favorite at the tabular array was the stir fried greenish beans. The beans were at the elevation of freshness as well as piece the description said they were cooked amongst radish, I wouldn’t quite position the flavors inwards the sauce. They were delicious nonetheless.

While you lot may intend of the Mission for Latin cuisine, Lotus Garden is a friendly neighborhood house amongst a gracious as well as accommodating owner/hostess, as well as makes a welcome add-on to the Mission.

Lotus Garden</b>
3452 Mission St at 30th NOW at 3216 Mission St
San Francisco