Lime & Common Salt Tortilla Chips: Recipe

Corn tortillas come upwardly inward such huge bags, I don’t know how tin y’all peradventure purpose them all. Buying i of those packages, though they are cheap, is a major commitment inward my house. It agency weeks of enchiladas, tacos, chilaquiles as well as when I last out of ideas, tortilla chips or totopos equally they are known inward Mexico. I dear the discussion totopos, fifty-fifty though it sounds a fleck besides much similar the Italian mention of a sure enough well-known cartoon mouse.

Traditionally totopos are tortillas cutting into triangular wedges that are deep fried inward oil. If at that spot is i affair I simply can’t choose myself to do, it’s deep tyke anything inward oil. I simply can’t. Don’t enquire me. So hither is what I produce instead, I bake the tortillas. Baking doesn’t brand them equally light, crispy as well as decadent equally frying, but they are withal yummy as well as equally a bonus y’all tin relish them alongside real piffling guilt.

If y’all await for tortilla chips inward the store, you’ll uncovering they come upwardly inward all kinds of flavors. With a piffling experimenting I flora y’all tin brand corking lime as well as tabular array salt flavored chips with–you guessed it, lime as well as salt! Eat them plain, alongside salsa or alongside toppings similar guacamole, refried beans as well as crumbly Mexican cheese. Are y’all getting hungry yet? Because I sure enough am.

Lime & Salt Tortilla Chips (totopos)
serves two


5 corn tortillas
stone oil or cooking spray
1/2 lime, or nearly 1-2 tablespoons juice
kosher tabular array salt (about 1/2 teaspoon)


Preheat the oven to 375 degrees. Cover a baking canvas pan (or 2 smaller cookie sheets) alongside tin foil or purpose a silicone mat (such equally Silpat ). Spray alongside cooking spray. Cut the tortillas inward half, as well as then cutting each one-half into 3 wedges. Place on the pan inward a unmarried layer without overlapping as well as crush the lime over them. Sprinkle alongside salt. Bake for ten minutes, as well as then spray tops alongside cooking spray. Bake for some other 5 minutes. Keep an midpoint on the chips because y’all don’t desire them to overcook. Take out the crispy chips as well as supply the residuum to the oven for 2 – 3 minutes, or until simply crunchy as well as slightly brown.