Is Certified Chocolate Better?

The Rainforest Alliance sent me a collection of Rainforest Alliance Certified in addition to Verified chocolate. I liked roughly it, including fun candy bars from Bixby and chocolate bars from Dagoba. I would dearest to move able to say you lot that a elementary logo similar the Rainforest Alliance frog or i of the fair merchandise certifications similar UTZ or Fair Trade USA guarantees that the products you lot are buying are amend for people, animals in addition to the environment. But I can’t. It’s only non that simple. 

Certifications are all close transparency, but I couldn’t observe details on the fees on the Rainforest Alliance website in addition to a illustration of the Rainforest Alliance didn’t supply them to me (some details on the comments section). In speaking with people who run both for companies that attain in addition to don’t bear the Rainforest Alliance logo I learned that the fees that are charged for verification in addition to certification are non insignificant in addition to it’s probable those costs are passed on to consumers.

The toll for independent certifiers who tin reportedly accuse equally much equally $750 per day, inwards countries where the average monthly salary is exclusively $50. Also exclusively 30% of cacao mightiness run into the standards in addition to other ingredients mightiness non run into whatever of the standards, i such component division is palm petroleum which tin move really destructive to the environment. So is certified better? 

I cry upwards certifications programs are intended to attain good, but ultimately, knowing the society that produces your chocolate is fifty-fifty amend than whatever logo. Some chocolate companies I greatly honor for their products too equally their values include Amano Chocolate, Guittard in addition to Pacari. Some bring the Rainforest Alliance certification in addition to roughly don’t. 
Read to a greater extent than close the FairTrade, UTZ in addition to Rainforest Alliance certifications in addition to what they mean, the positive in addition to the negative.

Disclosure: My cheers to the Rainforest Alliance for sending me samples