India Is Divided Into Iii Nations: Manhattan, India Together With Bharat

At a national seminar on ‘Challenges of Growing Rural-Urban Disparities’ inwards New Delhi the other day, I met a rattling impressive describe upwardly of distinguished economists in addition to policy makers. The to a greater extent than opportunities I larn to encounter them, the to a greater extent than I larn disenchanted. I mean value nearly of them convey no persuasion of how the province looks like, in addition to belike convey no clue equally to what needs to hold upwardly done. For them, it is trouble organisation equally usual.

Speaking briefly inwards a session on ‘Challenges of Accelerated, Diversified in addition to Inclusive Growth’, I drove abode the indicate that the key crusade behind the worsening urban-rural dissever (as good equally climate change) is the model of increment economic science itself. Unless the economists demonstrate courage to challenge the prevailing economical paradigm, it is futile to beak of inclusive growth.

In fact, mainline economists, similar the agricultural scientists, convey likewise failed the society.

The urban-rural dissever inwards Republic of Republic of India is no longer to hold upwardly seen through the lense of the pop two-nation concept: Republic of Republic of India and Bharat. The geographical borders of the province at ane time comprise three nations: Manhattan, Republic of Republic of India in addition to Bharat. Manhattan are the Special Economic Zones (SEZ), an euphemism for princely Estates that are beingness carved out inwards the squall of economical growth. Republic of Republic of India contain the urban centres, in addition to Bharat of course denotes the pitiful in addition to backward rural countryside.

While all resources (including natural wealth) of Bharat is beingness diverted to feed the growing demand of Manhattan in addition to India, the field feels satisfied that it has given the pitiful inwards the 600,000 villages of Bharat a magic potion inwards the degree of the National Rural Employment Guarantee Programme (popularly called NREGA), promising assured utilization for 100 days inwards a twelvemonth to the poor.

In other words, NREGA has larn the Surf Excel for all ailments that the urban-rural dissever exhibit.

If y’all convey seen the promotion for the Surf Excel detergent, y’all would empathize what I am trying to say. H5N1 tiddler falls downward in addition to his wearing clothing larn dirty. He looks upto his mother, in addition to she says: “Don’t worry. Surf Excel hai na.” Similarly, the pitiful convey zippo to worry from the continuous onrush over their resources, from increasing marginalisation, beingness pushed deeper in addition to deeper into the cesspool of poverty in addition to deprivation.

NREGA hai na.