Grand Cafe Restaurant

We tin all purpose a vacation to celebrate honey inwards the midpoint of i of the to a greater extent than dreary months of the year. And I tin intend of no ameliorate house to celebrate Valentine’s twenty-four hours than at the Grand Cafe. First off, the interior of the eating theater is an architecturally restored, turn-of-the-century ballroom amongst thirty human foot high ceilings. Modeled afterwards the world-famous La Coupole, if y’all squint y’all experience y’all actually could endure inwards Paris. There is the warm lighting, the murals on the columns, the blonde wood, the fine art deco lighting fixtures fifty-fifty the bustling sights in addition to sounds of the scurrrying waiters plying diners amongst large seafood platters in addition to drinks.

There is something thence romantic almost all things French. Don’t y’all think? I approximate it’s around form of cultural conditioning, but a repast inwards a French eating theater makes me desire to befriend the people at the side past times side table, quaff champagne, concord hands in addition to brand proclamations of love. Fortunately I was amongst my married adult man at the fourth dimension thence at that topographic point volition endure no embarassing scenes to written report here.

As for the nutrient it is French/Californian inwards the brasserie style. To commence I had a most exquisite mushroom tart touted past times the waiter every bit his favorite dish–a warm “mousseron” tart amongst dark truffle sabayon. Kudos to the waiter because this was actually a standout. H5N1 perfectly baked flaky pastry tart filled amongst a low-cal in addition to airy sabayon mousse flavored amongst flakes of dark truffles in addition to loaded amongst meaty fairy band mushrooms. As a original form I chose the mussels which were the PEI variety, modest but tender in addition to fragile inwards a dijon mustard cream sauce amongst white wine, slivery bits of onion in addition to the requisite perfectly sparse in addition to crisp fries on the side (and a special asking on my business office for mayo). My dessert was something that the Grand Cafe is justifiably famous for–their banana cream tart. H5N1 liberate interpretation of the dessert to endure sure–on elevation of a graham cracker in addition to macadamia nut crust is a newspaper sparse circular rim of crisp caramel filled amongst a low-cal custard blended amongst whipped cream in addition to layers of banana, surrounding it are roasted macadamia nuts in addition to a thick swirl of a decadent caramel sauce. All lightness in addition to lusciousness simply the affair to complete things off. Yum!

Lee had a 4 form repast that began amongst 3 kumamoto oysters–one topped amongst caviar, i topped amongst fennel in addition to a 3rd topped amongst a mignonette, afterwards that he had seared twenty-four hours boat scallops amongst capers in addition to currants on a Irish Gaelic patato puree, in addition to thence he had rack of lamb amongst sun-dried tomatoes, leeks in addition to pino nuts in addition to in conclusion a Schaffenberger chocolate flourless type cake. And spell I had bites of everything, it was far likewise involved for me to shout out back all the details, particularly afterwards after downing one-half a bottle of champagne. But actually I volition travail to exercise ameliorate inwards the future!

Grand Cafe
501 Geary at Taylor Street
(415) 292-0101
Open seven days a calendar week for breakfast/brunch luncheon in addition to dinner