Ghirardelli Chocolate Festival

This weekend started off amongst a search for a crepe recipe. Since my reckoner is inwards the shop, I didn’t convey access to my recipe collection including my no-fail crepe recipe. This prompted me to sweat a non bad Austrian recipe that used seltzer water! I intend I may convey to add together this recipe to the collection because amongst a fiddling tweaking it’s a keeper. And if the crepe recipe was worth keeping together with thence was the combination of strawberry yogurt together with smushed backberries together with raspberries that I filled them with.

After our decadent breakfast, Lee together with I went to Ghirardelli Square. One trip to a chocolate mill deserves about other I suppose together with land no longer an operational chocolate mill similar Scharffen Berger, it does convey about advantages namely the Ghirardelli Chocolate Festival. For $6 you lot larn v “samples” of diverse types of desserts, mainly chocolate ones. For our v samples nosotros had a ginger chocolate “moon” cake–which tasted similar a brownie, a chocolate loving cup amongst lime mousse together with fresh fruit, a chocolate dipped krispy kreme donut, a mini chocolate H2O ice cream cone together with a blackberry cabernet sorbet that land non chocolate, was out of this world.

While at Ghirardelli Square nosotros discovered that “Frjtz” has opened an outlet of its pop crepe together with fries cafe. If nosotros hadn’t had crepes for breakfast nosotros powerfulness convey been tempted! But genuinely it’s the fries or “frjtz” that are the existent delineate there.

Chocolate, blackberries, crepes; if it tastes good, it’s likely worth eating all over again.