Farmer Suicides: 26/11 Happens Inwards Rural India Every Other Day

The media certainly deserves all the accolades for reminding the province of the demand to ensure that 26/11 does non plow over again. For the past times ane calendar week or so, nosotros lead maintain the electronic channels in addition to the impress media telling the same storey ane time to a greater extent than in addition to again. The terrorist assault inwards Bombay concluding yr was certainly tragic in addition to needs to live on condemned inwards strongest possible terms. At the same time, the nation needs to gear upwards vigil in addition to live on prepared to lead maintain on any more destructive pattern of the separatist forces.

Having said that, in addition to knowing that for many of our star journalists Taj Hotel inwards Bombay is the minute home, I don’t know what run is beingness achieved past times devoting 10 pages of the paper (one of the dailies from New Delhi has done that today) to the 26/11 episode. Similarly, what is the run of repeatedly showing the footage of the terrorist assault of the concluding year. Isn’t the media taking wages of the sentiments of the people to force upwards its ain TRP ratings?

Even if the media thinks that 26/11 is the gravest tragedy the province has witnessed since Independence, I would similar to convey it to their attending that at that topographic point is a withal bigger (and inwards fact much bigger) tragedy that continues to kill people on the farm. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 PTI written report says vi farmers lead maintain committed suicide inwards concluding 2 days inwards diverse parts of Vidharba region. This brings the full position out of suicides inwards Nov to 55. In 2009, the full position out of farmer suicides (till date) inwards Vidharba alone is 892.

In the past times 2 months alone, 48 farmers lead maintain committed suicide inwards the Adilabad district of Andhra Pradesh, in addition to merely about other 32 lead maintain taken the fatal road inwards Orissa. Most of the farmers who died inwards Adilabad district of AP for reasons that are non unknown anymore had been cultivating Bt cotton.

Farmer suicides is ane time once to a greater extent than showing it ugly face. In the past times eighteen years, always since economical liberalisation was unleashed inwards India, to a greater extent than than 200,000 farmers lead maintain taken their ain lives. The spiral decease trip the low-cal fantastic has not shown fifty-fifty remote signs of ebbing despite a plethora of fact-finding missions, commission reports in addition to the authorities intervention. I am aware that newspaper infinite is real precious, in addition to also know that for the electronic media agriculture in addition to farming is a downmarket subject, but does farmer suicides non fifty-fifty deserve a pocket-size campaign, if non every bit large as the media launched it for 26/11?

How tin forcefulness out the media rest thence indifferent to the series decease dance on the farm?

I mean value ane argue for the callousness exhibited past times the media when it comes to farmers committing suicides is that the viewers in addition to the readers (as the illustration maybe) lead maintain non been demanding adequate coverage of farmers suicides. How many of us lead maintain always written a alphabetic lineament to the paper editors holler for for an extensive coverage of the farm suicides? How many of us lead maintain sent an sms to the electronic channels demanding a series of programmes on the reasons behind suicides?

Just similar nosotros teach the politicians nosotros deserve, nosotros also teach the media nosotros deserve. Come on, wake upwards India. Pick upwards your pen in addition to write a scathing alphabetic lineament to the editor of a paper that you lot read. Come on, lead maintain out your mobile in addition to mail a sms always 24-hour interval to the TV channel that you lot ordinarily watch. For them fifty-fifty decease needs to live on only acknowledged if it happens inwards a 5-star hotel. Show them your anger, in addition to they volition listen.  

Turning a blind midpoint to the messacre on the farm is non going to brand your life peaceful. The burn downward is reaching your doorsteps. Sooner or later, you lot and your children also would experience the heat. Don’t blame anyone then. You are primarily responsbile for the crisis the province is faced with. Your primal rights that you lot emotionally beak close in addition to demand, also includes your responsibleness every bit a citizen. You in addition to me lead maintain failed every bit a citizen. That is why nosotros lead maintain such an insensitive media today.