Editorial & Advertising Policies

 fast nutrient restaurants or supermarket products Editorial & Advertising Policies

Samples, review copies & exceptional offers
This weblog is virtually food. I write virtually gourmet products, recipes, cookbooks, restaurants, cookware, wine, spirits too more. Generally speaking I do non encompass chain, fast nutrient restaurants or supermarket products though in that place may last a rare exception from fourth dimension to time. I am a woman, exactly I am NOT a mom, too therefore delight don’t pitch me virtually family-oriented products!

I do convey roughly review copies too samples, exactly I cannot too volition non commit to writing virtually your product, service or establishment. Even though y’all contact me virtually this blog, it’s quite possible I volition write virtually your product, service or institution for roughly other publication instead. If I am on assignment for roughly other publication I volition say you. Please email me too permit me know what y’all are offering, if I am interested I volition gladly ship y’all my mailing address.

My persuasion is non for sale, y’all cannot pay me to write virtually anything on Cooking amongst Amy. I do non write or run advertiser written “Sponsored Posts.

Cooking amongst Amy is a weblog I keep for pleasure, non for profit. I do non convey advertising because I hollo back it’s prissy to direct hold a footling corner of the spider web that is gratis of advertising. Don’t you? Plus if y’all encounter an advertising on my site, y’all mightiness build the understandable error that I am endorsing something. That said, if, for example, Cuisinart, a build I genuinely love, wants to pay me $25,000 to house an advertising on this site, I may alter my mind. But don’t concur your breath.

Guest blogging
All posts are written yesteryear me, Amy Sherman. I’m sad exactly y’all cannot last a “guest blogger.” If y’all desire to hire me to write for you, delight experience gratis to contact me.

Exchanging links & links for sale
If y’all pass whatever fourth dimension at all on my site, y’all volition encounter I do non keep a blogroll. There are too therefore many practiced blogs out there, fifty-fifty I can’t snuff it along upward too therefore delight don’t enquire me to telephone commutation links amongst you. Also I do non sell links. You are welcome to add together a link to my weblog if y’all too therefore direct exactly y’all cannot purchase a link from me or last added to my non-existent blogroll.

Content stealing
Do y’all know what this means?

©2013 Cooking amongst Amy. All rights reserved. This cloth may non last published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without permission.

Among other things, it way you cannot republish my weblog using an RSS feed. Just because I offering an RSS feed for my blog, does non give y’all permission to steal.


Tastemaker, Spokesperson & Branded Recipes
Because I write virtually food too develop recipes for a living, in that place may last times when I write virtually brands where I direct hold a paid relationship. Some clients prefer that I do non write virtually the recipes I prepare for them, exactly when I tin give the axe write virtually them, I volition because I hollo back it’s of value to my readers. In whatever case, I volition ALWAYS divulge the details of my arrangement.

I alive inward San Francisco, California. You are welcome to invite me to whatever events y’all like. I no longer keep a Bay Area Food Events calendar on the site. Events I write virtually are generally”fun too affordable.” If it is non “fun too affordable” it is possible I volition all the same attend your number too write virtually it.

Comments are for readers to limited their signal of watch or add together to the conversation. H5N1 comment is non a house for ads, spam or a way to contact me directly. If y’all purpose the comments department inward this way, I volition direct hold to delete your comment. If y’all direct hold an offering or desire to attain me directly, email me too I volition teach dorsum to you.

Reprinting recipes:
In accordance amongst the concept of fair use, y’all may impress too purpose my recipes. However they MAY NOT last reprinted for publication unless I specifically grant permission. Newspapers, magazines too non-profits volition last given priority. Any other requests volition last considered on a illustration yesteryear illustration basis. I build a living developing recipes, non from blogging.