Cows On The Streets. You Lot Don’t Withdraw To Experience Ashamed.

I also conduct maintain been oft asked this question. I experience that cows on the street is a reflection of the biodiversity nosotros have. In fact, I go into a cheerful mood when I abide by elephants as well as camels on roads. At times of marriages, it is non odd to find white horses on the streets (and mercifully, no 1 objects).

In whatever case, cows inward the streets is also a reflection of the misplaced emphasis the patch paid on importing the exotic cows as well as cross-breeding our domestic breeds. As a number of this indiscriminate crossbreeding, to a greater extent than than lxxx per cent of our cows conduct maintain instruct non-descript. While nosotros experience ashamed of our cows, Brazil has instruct the biggest exporter of Indian breeds of cows. At to the lowest degree 4 breeds, as well as that includes Gir, Kankrej as well as Ongole, are producing every bit much milk every bit Bailiwick of Jersey as well as HF does. If entirely nosotros had paid attending to our ain cows, as well as built our ain remarkable breeds, our cows wouldn’t conduct maintain been treated as well as thence badly yesteryear our ain people.

Don’t travel angry when the adjacent time you encounter a moo-cow inward the street. Remember, you lot are inward a trend responsible for her plight. Read what Biju Negi has to say. I institute a real sensitive as well as meaningful reply from him on this number on the Punjabeco-crisis list. I would similar to portion it amongst you.

I, for one, fifty-fifty welcome cows on the road. They arrive as well as thence much to a greater extent than human (if I may role the term) as well as earthy. They stand upwards for a life that is fast beingness lost, that eqully urgently nosotros must recover.

Why, are the roads meant entirely for the cars? Must the roads travel entirely for the cars? We appear to convey that nil else matters. And so, the spaces for everything else except cars (the unchallenged demagogues as well as murderers of human existence – simply recall whether you lot concord amongst this statement) has instruct profane as well as and thence considered worthy of beingness ‘acquired’ or rather confiscated. It is the same mindset that marginalizes the cyclists as well as walkers on the road, that sees the municipality confiscating the meagre possession of the hawkers nether the pretext of ‘road safety’ or ‘cleanliness’ drives!

Were the cows taken into consideration when the roads were built? It is similar people as well as farmers non beingness considered, when SEZs are made to come upwards up, forced upon the people. I encounter a moo-cow on the route every bit example of the marginalization of our agriculture, our modest nutrient producers, our traditions, as well as a symbol of the demand to clitoris dorsum the ‘fast’ stride of life that nosotros are blindly getting into, as well as the symbol of the demand to run yesteryear ‘slow’. For me, a moo-cow on the route is a desperate reminder of what nosotros are losing, a desperate telephone telephone for what nosotros must non lose.

So, where does, where must a moo-cow go, what does or must it do, when her normal spaces are beingness ‘eaten up’ yesteryear thoughtless urbanization as well as fifty-fifty to a greater extent than thoughtless urban planning? I experience real skillful when I encounter a moo-cow doing ‘jugaali’, sitting on the midpoint of the road, virtually every bit if unmindful of the trafiic passing all some her. For her, it is the entirely trend she tin protestation – quiet, firm, non-violent. I encounter it every bit the demand for the moo-cow to assert her sovereignty. I encounter it every bit a gentle reminder to us of what nosotros must assert.

Biju Negi