Contest Winners & Novel Majority Of View Eastern Food

Congratulations to Elissa, Joan together with Alison. The answer was indeed LOVE.

“One’s eating shows one’s love”

I flora this quote inwards Claudia Roden’s wonderful cookbook, The New Book of Middle Eastern Food. This is a gorgeous mass together with if y’all are looking for a really comprehensive type of Middle Eastern cookbook I strongly advise y’all purchase it. Of degree I am non the source to recommend it, it was originally published inwards 1972 together with hailed yesteryear James Beard equally “a landmark inwards the plain of cookery”.

One of the lovely features of Roden’s mass is that she includes quotes, fairy tales, ancient cookbook recipes, anecdotes together with stories from Nasr-ed-din Khoja. For those non familiar amongst Khoja, these delightful fables grade y’all a romantic version of the Middle East sadly missing these days. H5N1 scholar together with a trickster Khoja’s tales are funny together with endearing. There are many sites that likewise percentage these tales y’all tin move discovery about here together with here.

Here is a typical one:

A beggar knocked on the Khoja's door together with said, "Allah has directed me to this family for a practiced meal."

"I am sorry, only y'all convey the incorrect house," replied the Khoja. Then pointing to a nearby mosque, he continued, "Allah lives over there."

Thank y’all to everyone who participated together with for those who did non win, I am happy to denote y’all volition convey a minute run a jeopardy to win a re-create of The Language of Baklava side yesteryear side calendar week over on Bay Area Bites where in that place volition survive about other competitor side yesteryear side Wednesday. Stay tuned…