Calling For A National Mourning — V Iim-A Students Bring Non Got Jobs !

Oh ! my God !! What a tragedy !!! Five students from Indian Institute of Management inwards Ahmedabad (IIMA) withdraw keep non got jobs.

Shouldn’t the acre live on alarmed? Isn’t it breaking news? Shouldn’t the Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh telephone shout out upwards an emergency session of Parliament? After all, equally PSN writes from Bhubaneshwar: “A withdraw chances for dearest together with milk to menstruum across this the world is lost.”

The Hindu reports today from Ahmedabad nether the headline 5 IIM-A Students Yet to Get Jobs: Five of the 77 students of the one-year post-graduate programme inwards management for executives at the IIM-A are nonetheless to detect jobs fifty-fifty afterwards completing the degree inwards March. I don’t call upwards when was the final fourth dimension The Hindu carried a tidings study on the growing unemployment amidst doctoral together with post-graduate students passing out from agricultural universities every year. When was the final fourth dimension you lot saw a study inwards whatsoever of the newspapers close the worsening unempoyment scenario inwards this country. I am certain you lot demand to mean value deeply, together with you lot must be scratching your caput over again together with again.

What is it that makes the IIM-A then special? Well, you lot guessed it right. They are the novel movers together with shakers. They are novel holy cows of modern India. The entire national economy, many believe, is existence run past times them or their collective wisdom. No wonder, the Moily commission had recomended inwards 2006 setting upwards of iii to a greater extent than IIMs to ensure “more balanced access to management pedagogy inwards the country’. Each IIM needs an investment of Rs 200-300 crore.

On the other hand, agricultural universities, which straight touching on 600 1000000 farmers, together with to a greater extent than importantly the country’s nutrient security, are starved of funds. Most of the universities are running on artificial respiration existence provided past times the World Bank through the National Agricultural Innovation Project (NAIP). Such is the worsening fiscal status that many universities are straightaway selling-off their crop inquiry lands to heighten funds for paying staff salaries. 

Hundreds of Ph.Ds inwards agricultural are unemployed.  

These universities are thence looking at somebody funding, thereby allowing the agribusiness giants — both national together with international — to withdraw keep control. Research is getting privatised, together with then are the inquiry faculties. But who cares? As long equally the IIMs are inwards a salubrious state, the province seems to live on on a increase path. The repose of the pedagogy is but junk. It has no productive value. At to the lowest degree that’s what our planners, policy makers together with the media leaders think, together with strangely plenty they withdraw keep begun to mean value alike.