Bug Inwards The System

As the economical collapse as well as instantly the Satyam saga show, computers cannot eradicate corruption

For years nosotros were painstakingly told that consistent, reliable as well as accurate information is a precursor to curbing corruption. Bridging the digital dissever past times extending computerisation across the province is nevertheless beingness promoted equally a sure agency to struggle corruption. The World Bank says it, the United Nations promotes it, as well as the concern of making corruption history proliferates.

I had ever stood upwards as well as challenged the pop contention. The New Age management gurus as well as that include academicians as well as bureaucrats, whose jobs are linked to promoting the usage as well as application of the technology, would alone snigger. E-governance is the buzzword as well as how tin somebody dare to interrogation the perceived role computers tin play inwards fighting corruption.

The Satyam saga has sure blown this e-governance façade. If computers could assistance inwards curbing corrupt practices, how does i explicate that Ramalinga Raju, the disgraced founder of Satyam Computer Servives, was able to forge computerised banking enterprise statements to dupe auditors, mistaken employee numbers to siphon-off money, as well as divert funds from his fellowship to larn into into benami dry reason deals for M of acres? And what close the auditors, a purpose of the global PriceWaterhouseCoopers organisation? Were they non using computers?

There is certainly to a greater extent than on the plate than what tin hold upwards chewed. Take the representative of dry reason records as well as holding transactions. The computerisation of dry reason records, for instance, which began inwards 1991, is instantly beingness hastened up. No i volition discount the dire take away to computerise the dry reason records. But why usage the flawed declaration of curbing corruption? Bhoomi, Karnataka’s famed model of digital dry reason records, for instance, has failed to banking enterprise correspond corrupt practices. In fact, it is instantly becoming much slowly for the dry reason grabbers as well as big concern to misappropriate the electronic data.

The collapse of the fiscal markets inwards the United States, which triggered a global economical meltdown, happened nether the real watchful eyes of the computer. I tin empathise what must convey gone incorrect when calculator was non-existent at the fourth dimension of the Great Depression inwards the 1930s, only nevertheless can’t fathom how did the 2008 fiscal collapse took house when everything was computerised. Now, don’t larn me wrong. I am non against the usage of computers, only strongly experience that taking the e-governance as well as information communication applied scientific discipline (ICT) declaration to eradicating corruption is non alone far fetched only fundamentally flawed.

Bug inwards the system, Edit page, Hindustan Times, January 28, 2009