Bubble Tea

Bubble tea. Have yous tried it yet? Maybe you’ve heard it called milk tea or tapioca tea or pearl tea. It’s also been called boba tea (boba agency big breasts inwards Cantonese). This materials has actually taken off inwards San Francisco too the fad is immediately spreading across the country. You tin uncovering piffling Asian shops all over town that sell it.

This chilled tea comes inwards all dissimilar flavors, colors too inwards dissimilar formulas all non-carbonated too non-4lc0h0lic. The flavors are tropical. Most are a mixture of tea, syrup flavoring too milk. I tried lychee greenish tea this afternoon without the milk too it was really refreshing. It’s a lot less sweetness than soda exactly sweeter than yous powerfulness live on used to for tea. It comes amongst a huge straw to accomodate the optional big dark tapioca pearls that sink to the bottom of the cup. Tapioca pearls are glutinous too flavorless exactly add together or hence textural involvement to the drink.

From what I get got read bubble tea originally came from Taipei, Taiwan old inwards the 1980’s where similar hence many other parts of Asia it’s frequently quite hot too humid. It hence took off too became pop all over Asia coming to the U.S.A. a few years ago, mainly the W coast.

Here’s something else I discovered. The cite “bubble” doesn’t refer to the tapioca balls exactly the foam on the drink–like a martini it must live on shaken, never stirred. Personally I’m non certain I believe this. What I create believe, is that if yous are looking to endeavour something novel that refreshes amend than soda on a hot day, bubble tea is the ticket.