Best Burger Contest

I honey a practiced burger, merely I don’t consume them all that often. I’d say I leave of absence for a burger 2 or 3 times a yr as well as when I produce I’m real particular. All the fixings accept to endure perfect. I desire the nitty-gritty freshly the world as well as chargrilled, as well as the lettuce crispy, the love apple tree ripe, the onion sweetness as well as the bun slightly toasted as well as impeccably fresh, the accompanying fries, extra crispy, otherwise, why bother?

So when I got an offering to assay to a greater extent than or less grass-fed beef I decided to acquit a burger sense of savor test. With all the fuss over designations similar natural, organic, humane, terroir, as well as dry-aged, I figured I’d compare a few as well as run across for myself. After all, the fixings are tardily to stimulate at home, it’s the freshly ground, swell tasting beef that’s the challenge.

Many people accept sworn off beef. First it was due to high cholesterol as well as thence mad moo-cow disease. But if similar me, you’re going to consume beef, it’s of import to banknote that grass fed beef is considerably healthier than grain-fed beef. Grass-fed cows never consume beast by-products, which is the original crusade of transmission of BSE (mad moo-cow disease). It’s lower inwards fatty as well as calories than grain-fed beef. And to a greater extent than or less query indicates that the mixture of fats inwards grass-fed beef which compared to grain-fed beef is higher inwards Omega-3 oils, has to a greater extent than conjugated linoleic acid as well as has a higher concentration of unsaturated fats versus saturated fats may genuinely lower cholesterol.

So how did they stack up?
For the piece of employment of the exam I tried solely 85% lean grass-fed beef burgers.

Each of the previously frozen half-dozen ounce patties were allowed to come upwards to room temperature for thirty minutes. They were salted xv minutes earlier cooking. They were cooked inwards real hot shape Fe pans for four minutes on i side as well as for 2 minutes on the 2nd side, thence allowed to residue for v minutes.

The contenders:

Prather Ranch Meat Company
Back Angus, Hereford, as well as Black Baldie cows from California
Finished amongst rice bran as well as barley
Certified organic
Certified humane
Dry-aged 2 – 3 weeks

Western Grasslands
Black Angus as well as Hereford cows from California
Finished amongst rice bran as well as almond hulls (I think)
Organic-pending certification
Dry-aged? (my attempts to contact the fellowship went unanswered)

La Cense Beef
Black Angus cows from Montana
Grass finished
Pesticide-free, non organic
Dry-aged xix days

Prather Ranch
$5.99/lb similar a shot from Prather Ranch Meat Company at the Ferry Plaza Market

Western Grasslands
$6.99/lb at Whole Foods

La Cense
$7.06/lb available online

Prather Ranch
Light ruby-red when raw, lite to medium brownish when cooked

Western Grasslands
Medium ruby-red when raw, medium brownish when cooked

La Cense
Very nighttime ruby-red when raw, darker brownish when cooked

Prather Ranch
Juiciest, intense flavor, fragile texture, fattiest, Amy’s favorite

Western Grasslands
Tender, withal amongst a niggling chewiness, mildly beefy, lean

La Cense
Driest, milder flavor, real lean, firmer patty, to a greater extent than traditional flavor, Lee’s favorite

All 3 were real tasty as well as good worth seeking out if you lot desire to brand a high lineament burger at home. Even though I couldn’t chargrill mine as well as I had to endure a serious lack of fries. But sense of savor differences were noticeable as well as at that topographic point was no i clear winner. Many things tin concern human relationship for differences inwards taste, including the fourth dimension of yr as well as the lineament of the grass the beast eats. Try as well as run across what you lot like.

The differences inwards toll were non great, banking company gibe as well as run across what options at that topographic point are nearly you. Being able able to buy a production that is certified organic as well as humane is something that may besides influence your decision. To discovery certified humane raised as well as handled products at a shop nearly you, take in the Certified Humane website as well as endure certain to banking company gibe the production list.