Amy Meets Jacques Pepin! Behind The Scenes

There isn’t much fame or fortune inwards writing for KQED’s nutrient blog, Bay Area Bites. But aside from getting to know to a greater extent than or less of my boyfriend writers on the blog, the best affair almost blogging for KQED to appointment has been coming together Jacques Pepin. My adoration of Pepin is what initially drew KQED to me inwards the offset place. So how much fun was interviewing him? I mean value the await on my facial expression upwardly says it all. I tried to remain professional person of shape as well as fifty-fifty pumped to a greater extent than or less of my colleagues for questions beforehand, but I am but a fan at heart.

There is then much I adore almost Jacques Pepin–his no nonsense approach, his impeccable techniques, his charming accent, the twinkle inwards his eye. He is perfectly cast inwards the usage of cooking instructor. As you lot belike know, he grew upwardly cooking inwards restaurants, was the chef for the president of French Republic as well as fifty-fifty developed recipes for Howard Johnson’s good earlier he e’er laid upwardly human foot inwards a boob tube studio. His perspective is wide-reaching as well as his noesis is tremendous.

We exclusively had a brief one-half an hr but nosotros covered a lot of subjects. When nosotros talked almost local restaurants it wasn’t surprising to listen him lift that he liked La Folie as well as Farallon on ane terminate of the spectrum as well as tacos as well as Yuet Lee on the other, but it was enlightening to listen his views on the politics of food. For a “celebrity chef”, he has a existent trouble organization amongst the electrical current American obssession amongst food. And I can’t shout out back the terminal fourth dimension I heard a famous chef speak intelligently almost the lawsuit of starvation. I flora his views on boob tube peculiarly revealing!

After our interview I couldn’t help but trace out but a few of his cookbooks for autographs. Of course, I had to select from my collection or convey a manus truck! From 7 or 8 volumes I picked but four. The books I usage the most are Julia & Jacques Cooking at Home, The Art of Cooking Volume 1 as well as Cooking amongst Claudine. These books are real approachable as well as taught me of import skills. The latest mass Fast Food My Way is too a keeper as well as includes lots of nifty soup, salad as well as vegetable recipes. For cooks or non-cooks his autobiography actually gives nifty insight into his upbringing as well as how he became the someone he is today as well as has to a greater extent than or less nifty recipes to boot. Needless to say, Pepin is ane of my kitchen heroes as well as coming together him was an absolute delight.

Over at Bay Area Bites is the 2nd usage of my interview amongst Jacques Pepin.