Adulterated Milk — Why Is The Dairy Manufacture Together With Consumers Silent?

There is hardly a twenty-four hr catamenia when yous don’t discovery intelligence study of adulterated milk appearing from diverse parts of the country. The menace of milk adulteration has spread far as well as wide. The criminal offense branch of Pune police pull had busted a gang involved inwards milk adulteration, the Bombay police pull arrested 5 people selling spurious ghee, the police pull inwards Satara arrested a kingpin whose manufacturing unit of measurement for biofuels was genuinely producing chemical milk as well as selling it inwards volume for the past times 5 years.

These are alone a few of the reports that I convey it to your notice.

The menace of synthetic milk is of course of study good known. The production of chemical milk was however news to me. I am amazed at the ingenuity of the Indian mind. They had genuinely prepared a chemic solution, 10 ml of which is skillful plenty to plow into ane litre of milk past times adding water. In fact, the coloring turns white alone when H2O is added. In a way, this factory was acting to a greater extent than or less similar a formulation unit, getting the technical fabric and formulating it into milk.

Although the UP Assembly witnessed an uproar over the furnish of synthetic milk inwards the State on Aug 8, I hit non discovery the consumers every bit good every bit the dairy manufacture ascension to the occasion. The indifference on utilisation of the consumers is shocking indeed. The deafening quiet from the consumers gives me an impression that this province has lost the might to stand upward up for its rights. If it can’t fifty-fifty phonation its trouble concern over the rampant adulteration of milk, which is a crucial component the daily Indian diet, what tin yous hold off from this society? If they are non worried close what they are drinking every bit milk everyday, hit yous mean value they are fifty-fifty remotely concerned close the wellness affect from genetically modified foods?

I had idea that adulterated milk should accept past times right away instruct the major national issue. Average consumers should accept felt outraged, as well as at that spot should accept been mass protests as well as actions. I can’t fifty-fifty visualise how come upward the average Indian has non fifty-fifty cared to limited its disgust, its anger against the inability of the authorities to ensure that the milk existence supplied inwards the marketplace is rubber for human health. How tin yous slumber over something that is potentially a killer? What a disgrace.

And this reminds of a scene from the Bollywood blockbuster Lage Raho Munnabhai. At ane phase Munnabhai says inwards the film: Yeh darra hua samaj kya badlav layega. How true?

For once, I mean value the media has done an fantabulous project inwards highlighting the issue. I find special programmes on adulterated milk on prime fourth dimension inwards several TV channels. The impress media too has given adequate coverage to the subject. But it is the consumers who accept failed the media this time. They are to a greater extent than engrossed inwards the reality shows on the pocket-size screen, forgetting the reality present that is genuinely playing havoc amongst their ain health, as well as the wellness of their families.

The dairy manufacture is no better. Big milk producers similar Amul, Mother Dairy as well as Nestle (besides several other pop brands) are quiet. The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce as well as Industry (FICCI) as well as the ASSOCHAM are non fifty-fifty holler for the authorities to crackdown on the spurious milk trade. The National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) as well as the National Dairy Research Institute (NDRI) too accept failed to seek appropriate action.

The argue is obvious. I accept ample reasons to believe that many inwards the dairy manufacture are hand-in-glove amongst the spurious traders. I am non mentioning names, exactly at that spot are a number of cases when we discovery that the dairy plants are sourcing volume supplies of milk from a item region/area where the milk production is far less than what is existence collected. That is why the manufacture is keeping quiet, turning to expression the other way.