A Resounding No To Bt Brinjal Across The Country

It was a busy as well as triting 24-hour interval today. A rigid as well as loud verdict against Bt brinjal came from three cities across the country. First, at the 2d National Consultation held at Bhubaneshwar inward Orissa, Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh, announced that with the State proverb a loud as well as clear No to Bt brinjal, more than lx per cent of the brinjal growing areas of the province — Bihar, West Bengal as well as Orissa — own got formally rejected genetically modified brinjal.

I will pick out y’all a study of the Bhubaneshwar final result tomorrow.

But showtime permit me part alongside y’all ii to a greater extent than Bt brinjal events that happened inward Hyderabad (in Andhra Pradesh) as well as inward Baroda (Gujarat). My colleague Dr Ramanjaneyulu of the Centre for Sustainable Agriculture was at a coming together organised past times the AP University for Agriculture. He tells me that the AP Agricultural University has formally opposed the introduction of Bt brinjal, as well as also called for a moratorium on Bt brinjal. This is encouraging indeed, as well as it is likely for the showtime fourth dimension that agricultural scientists own got asked for to a greater extent than tests.

I yet would similar to depict your attending to the study that Dr Ramanjaneyulu has sent me. I am pasting it below, as well as y’all volition last amused to read about the role played past times IARI scientists inward promoting Bt brinjal. inward fact, IARI is becoming a centre of national shame the means it unabashedly is promoting the commercial interests of the biotechnology companies. I hope Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar is reading this. But I produce non hold off Sharad Pawar to own got whatsoever cognisance of what his scientists are doing, because he likewise is pushing for an unwanted applied scientific discipline at the damage of farmers.

Meanwhile, I was inward Baroda today, as well as had a long day. Starting alongside a preparatory meeting, followed past times a press conference, I joined a soundless march taken past times concerned citizens inward the city today culminating inward submission of a memorandum addressed to the President as well as Prime Minister. The memorandum was presented to the Collector of the district, as well as he promised to forwards it to the top functionaries. This peaceful march, organised past times the Baroda-based voluntary organisation Jatan — Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 Mision for Organic Farming along alongside several volunteers, attracted a lot of attending from shopkeepers as well as onlookers.

I was especially real happy to reckon the involvement of the people. A lot of women, men as well as immature students joined this rally, as well as this gives me pull as well as hope. When people own got command over what they should eat, I am certain the manufacture as well as the agricultural scientists volition behave.

And now, own got a human face at the study from Hyderabad:

Finally AP Government says no to Bt Brinjal. Today a coming together was organised past times Acharya NG Ranga University as well as AP Horticulture University alongside farmers unions, farmers, NGOs as well as other concerned
people on the conclusion on bt brinjal. Earlier, Govt had appointed a three fellow member goodness commission alongside ii vice chancellors physician Raghava Reddy of Agri. University and physician Shikamani of Horticulture University as well as Sri. Pankaj Diwedi, IAS, Agri Production Commissioner.

The commission has unanimously recommended to State govt that Bt brinjal is non needed every bit there are several goodness varieties already nether tillage as well as the safety issues are still nether query as well as all the studies demand to last done in 1 lawsuit to a greater extent than against best varieties as well as technologies.

In today’s coming together physician Anandkumar (of IARI New Delhi) made a “wonderful” presentation obviously expressing his intent to sell bt brinjal as well as made my project easier to tell these men are the regulator (Several people including a scientist from agri academy said he looked to a greater extent than similar a salesman than a scientist or a regulator).

All the leaders from farmers unions dismissed the claims past times physician Anandkumar as well as said they own got seen several problems alongside bt cotton. The farmers from several districts also raised the issues real well.
Prof Purushottam Reddy opened the give-and-take proverb environs concerns are to a greater extent than imp than yield or whatsoever matter else. AP Rytusangam (both CPI as well as CPM), AP Shepherds union, Telugu Rytu, AP kisan jail cellular telephone said completely NO. CIFA representative,who before on many occassions opposed bt cotton/bt brinjal, said technology should non last opposed but because it is developed past times MNCs if it has problems nosotros demand to produce proper testing.

I could teach some 15 instant times afterwards luncheon for my presentation. 

Surprise came alongside Vice Chancellor of Horticulture academy who said there is no demand for such technologies inward brinjal. He said nosotros should have a clear Environment Risk Assessment scheme inward house as well as examination against as well as produce proper jeopardy assessment if a relevance is established inward whatsoever case. Both vice chancellors requested farmers unions to hand inward writing to Jairam Ramesh which volition strengthen their report.