A Patent For Chicken Tikka, How Stupid

The adjacent fourth dimension you lot gild chicken tikka merely interruption too think. A Pakistani-born British MP Mohammed Sarwar is trying to seek a patent over the spicy chicken tikka claiming that it was invented inward the Scottish metropolis of Glasgow inward the 1970s. He has tabled a motion inward the lower House of British Parliament too wants the EU to grant Glasgow amongst “Protected Designation of Origin” championship for the dish.

Chicken tikka was before crowned equally Britain’s nation dish.

Surprised? Well, I am not. The entire patent game has reached absurd levels. It is non chicken tikka alone, several other pop Indian dishes conduct keep been targets of monopoly control. You conduct keep in all probability heard of before attempts past times the Japanese to patent Indian curry. The patent all the same stands. Nestle has already drawn a patent over vegetable pulao. Meanwhile, the British metropolis of Birmingham has applied for European protection for balti dishes.

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 patent protection for balti, how stupid. I had ever persuasion that balti (meaning a bucket) was an persuasion of an enterprising chef who wanted to serve something dissimilar than the green vogue of serving Indian curries too other dishes inward a karahi. It is only inward Europe that I discovery Indian dishes existence served inward a balti. In Republic of Republic of India nosotros all the same conduct keep the tradition of karahi. Now if this is the extent to which the nutrient manufacture is trying to seek monopoly control, I am certain individual must last contemplating a patent application for karahi.

The IANS quotes Zaeemuddin Ahmad, a chef at Delhi’s Karim Hotel, which it says was established past times the final chef of the final Mughal emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar. I am certain he knows much ameliorate than us equally to the rootage of the pop dish chicken tikka. Ahmad says that the recipe had been passed downwards through the generations inward his family. “Chicken tikka masala is an authentic Mughlai recipe prepared past times our forefathers who were purplish chefs inward the Mughal period. Mughals were avid trekkers too used to pass months altogether inward jungles too far off places. They liked roasted chicken amongst spices,” he was quoted equally maxim in media reports.

I wishing Zaemuddin Ahmed had before drawn a patent on Chicken tikka. Although I stay opposed to the patenting too IPR system, but I think a fourth dimension has come upwards when nosotros should defeat them inward their game. Only hence volition the patents lose their sheen too control. It is high fourth dimension Republic of Republic of India woke upwards to the threats from patents. Ministry of Human Resource Development too the Ministry of Science & Technology inward collaboration amongst the Ministry of Commerce should launch a elbow grease to non only do awareness but urge Indians to file patents on such culinary traditions.   

I only promise that Republic of Republic of India does non conduct keep to acquire by the Scottish patent over chicken tikka similar the vogue it did to acquire the patent on the healing properties of turmeric revoked inward the USA Patent too Trademark Office. Later, Republic of Republic of India had to accept upwards the representative of a patent drawn on the scented basmati rice. In the representative of basmati rice, India had seat together roughly 50,000 pages to flora that it was a prior fine art pregnant that it was known to be earlier. Imagine if nosotros conduct keep to repeat the practice again, to flora that chicken tikka was a prior fine art too at that spot is no novelty attached to it !!

I retrieve when Nestle drew a patent on vegetable pulao, I was on a TV demo where ofcourse Nestle had refused to come. They sent a written statement. You volition non only last surprised but shocked to acquire what the company claimed. Nestle said that it had developed a novel variety of vegetable pulao pregnant amongst roughly novel ingredients. I had challenged saying at that spot are already roughly 500 kinds of vegetable pulaos so I wonder what is this 501st variety that the companionship has invented. Anyway, the patent was drawn for Switzerland, too all the same exists.